Founded in 1976, the Scottish Youth Theatre (SYT) offers children and young people the opportunity to cultivate creative talent, as well as build confidence and social skills.


The SYT had several issues with how their water services had been installed and how they were being managed. The utilities infrastructure which they had in place was very complex, as they shared a water system with other tenants. They also found it difficult to make headway with their water supplier. Negotiations had become complex and protracted.


After BCC was appointed, our experts quickly established that the SYT was being charged very high rates in proportion to their actual water usage.

BCC negotiated with the supplier and arranged for the account to be put on hold. The team used their expertise to trace the appropriate pipe-work and arrange for the installation of a water meter. This allowed the team to establish exactly how much water the SYT was consuming.

BCC arranged to have the new water meter adopted by the supplier. With accurate consumption data available, the team were able to take up the case with the supplier. Due to the complexity of the case, negotiations took about two years. During that time, the team were able to keep the supplier’s credit controllers at bay. It was their contention that the client was due a large rebate and they should not have been chasing for payment.



The result was a reduction of about 50% on the ongoing water charges. In addition, BCC were able to negotiate a substantial rebate on previous charges. The client was delighted with the result and relieved that significant financial pressures were removed.

Business Cost Consultants provided Scottish Youth Theatre with a swift, professional and cost efficient solution to a long standing problem. Their sense of advocacy, ability to cut through red-tape and determined perseverance were invaluable in dealing with outstanding issues and also putting in place affordable solutions for the future. Not only would we recommend them without question, but have already engaged their services to deal with other utility issues.

Caroline Cosgrove, Executive Director

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