Aegon UK is a pensions and life assurance company. Their main offices are in Edinburgh Park.


Aegon appointed Business Cost Consultants in 2011 to audit and manage water services for the Aegon sites throughout the UK.


BCC performed a full audit of water service charges on behalf of Aegon, in order to identify any overcharges and ways for them to reduce their water costs. During the audit, we identified several overcharges.

We then undertook intensive research and on-site surveys, which identified errors in water charges. Initially the water suppliers disputed the overcharges, though we were ultimately able to win the arguments.


Saved per annum

Initially we were cautious about bringing in consultants to review and manage our water services. However, Business Cost Consultants have delivered beyond our expectations. Their specialist knowledge and attention to detail has enabled us to achieve exceptional water cost savings and rebates across our estate. BCC’s management of our water services also allows us to have greater confidence in managing our costs. We are very happy to recommend BCC for their thorough and professional approach.

David Walker, Head of Property

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