Procurement of Water Services

We will ensure that the costs of your water services are minimised.

Most organisations can save money by switching their water supplier. BCC’s water consultants can analyse your situation and advise whether your site(s) could benefit from switching. We will devise a water procurement strategy and manage the whole tendering process on your behalf, ensuring a smooth handover to your new supplier.

We will ensure that the costs of your water services are minimised. Water tariffs can be complex; our water specialists will provide independent advice on any reduced cost tariffs that may be available to you.

It is also important to ensure that your water meter is the correct size, as oversized meters lead to needless recurring charges. We can identify the correct meter size for your site and arrange for a replacement.

Water Audit

Our free water audit provides an accurate picture of your water costs and consumption.

Our water consultants will carry out a free independent evaluation of your existing water charges, to identify how we can make savings and/or achieve possible refunds.

We can also carry out a free audit of your usage.

We use smart data loggers which automatically spot anomalies, such as water leaks, and immediately alert you by text or email.

After one of our water consultants analyses the data, we can send an expert to your site(s) to determine the causes of your water issues and will provide you with a detailed report.

Billing Verification Services

Our billing verification service ensures that you only pay for the water that you actually use.

All incoming bills are thoroughly checked, scanned into our secure document server, then forwarded on within 24 hours for payment as usual. If there are any errors on the bills, the team at BCC will deal with the suppliers on your behalf and report back to you.

If you become a client, your organisation will be appointed a dedicated water consultant and client advisor to oversee all aspects of your water contracts and be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

Our billing verification service includes:

  • Invoice validation;
  • Electronic bill verification solutions (if your chosen supplier can provide electronic billing data, know as “EDI”);
  • Recording and verifying invoice data against your historic records;
  • Flagging potential issues then fixing them;
  • Recovery of overcharges and ex-gratia payments;
  • Budget monitoring and assistance;
  • Accrual management in the absence of accurate supplier invoices;
  • Dealing with billing issues and disputes.

Reducing Water Consumption

We will work with you to eliminate unnecessary water consumption.

Reducing water consumption helps the environment and could save your organisation thousands each year.

Following a free audit of your water usage, we will work with you to eliminate any unnecessary consumption.

On your behalf we can:

  • Send an expert to carry out a water conservation survey of your site(s);
  • Check the availability of grants and soft loans for their services;
  • Oversee the installation of smart loggers to accurately record your water consumption;
  • Oversee corrective actions.

Trade Effluent

We can help to reduce sewerage and trade effluent costs.

BCC’s water experts can identify if you are paying too much in sewerage and trade effluent costs, and can suggest ways to reduce costs via a detailed report. We can then go through the report with you to help you decide which cost-saving measures you would like us to implement.

Our experts can help to reduce costs in a number of ways:

  • Reduce the overall amount of waste water you generate;
  • Reduce the strength of any trade effluent you produce;
  • Reuse waste water wherever possible.

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