Procurement of Energy Services

We manage the whole energy procurement process on your behalf.

The BCC team analyse the energy markets to determine the best time to buy energy contracts, meaning that we can obtain the best prices.

Our experts have years of experience in the energy market, so they know the best way to present energy data to suppliers, as well as which suppliers are likely to be most interested in your individual energy profile.

Our procurement service includes:

  • Thorough analysis of existing energy tariffs;
  • Market advice & updates during contract period;
  • Formal Tender – including data collation, tender documentation, market knowledge;
  • Source alternative routes to market;
  • Detailed procurement report following tender;
  • Thorough review of supplier’s contract T&Cs;
  • Contract transfer process management;
  • Verification of accuracy of initial invoices.

Energy Audit

Our free energy audit determines the best ways for your organisation to reduce electricity and gas costs.

During this energy audit we will analyse the previous 12 months of electricity and gas accounts. The data extracted from our analysis will allow us to create a central database spanning the whole energy portfolio, to align contract dates and rationalise suppliers.

Our free energy audit will determine:

  • if you are being charged at the rates agreed with your supplier;
  • any historical overcharges;
  • if your load factor is appropriate;
  • if your site is operating at its most efficient.

We will use all data collected to generate a comprehensive report identifying areas where savings can be made. We will visit you to establish which recommendations you want to accept and will implement the accepted proposals on your behalf.

We update the full energy audit and report annually. However, we can provide tailored reports throughout the year to help with budgeting and to keep you up-to-date with any changes in your energy services.

BCC is totally independent and not tied to any utility suppliers. The energy consumption data collected is therefore independent from your utility supplier, so it is not affected if you switch supplier.

Billing Verification Services

Our billing verification service ensures that you only pay for the electricity and gas that you actually use.

Your bills are scanned by our bespoke software which extracts your costs and consumption data and then checks for accuracy. Exception reports are then produced and our experts determine what may have caused the inaccuracy so that they can resolve the issue effectively.

If you become a client, your organisation will be appointed a dedicated utility consultant to oversee all aspects of your energy contracts and be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

Our billing verification service includes:

  • Invoice validation;
  • Electronic bill verification solutions (if your chosen supplier can provide electronic billing data, known as “EDI”);
  • Recording and verifying invoice data against your historic records;
  • Flagging potential issues then fixing them;
  • Recovery of overcharges and ex-gratia payments;
  • Budget monitoring and assistance;
  • Accrual management in the absence of accurate supplier invoices;
  • Dealing with billing issues and disputes.

Reducing Energy Consumption

We will work with you to eliminate unnecessary energy consumption.

We will use smart meters, smart data loggers and specially developed software to keep track of your energy consumption and costs.

We can arrange for an energy conservation expert to visit your site(s) and carry out a detailed audit. Their report will contain recommendations for reducing your energy consumption. We can assist you to source grants and soft loans for energy conservation projects.

Our energy consumption monitoring service can provide you with:

  • Accurate accounts and budgets & reduced costs;
  • Improved forecasting of future consumption;
  • Zoning of your premises to find out how much energy is being used in each area;
  • Identification of inefficiencies and wastage (real-time alerts to leaks and other anomalies);
  • Bespoke online reports on energy consumption;
  • Reduced carbon emissions and improved environmental responsibility.

Site Projects & Installations

BCC are experts in de-energising sites for development, and later re-energising them, as well as arranging any required substation.

This is done through a full market-wide tender process, ensuring that the most technically capable and financially advantageous utility supplier is appointed initially, to allow your development to start construction.

Additionally, BCC will support you in appointing utility meter installation project teams, to complete the domestic or commercial installs of smart electric meters or gas meters.

BCC can handle all of your development project utility requirements, such as site clearance or demolition in advance of the commencement of site works.

Energy Project Management

We can manage your energy project efficiently from start to finish, saving you time and money.

Our team of energy experts have been helping clients with energy projects for over 23 years and have saved clients thousands of pounds.

We can help with new electricity and gas installations, replacement of plant equipment, installing new energy technology and renewable energy projects. We can also provide you with advice on which equipment is subject to soft loans and Enhanced Capital Allowances.

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