Who are BCC?

We are an independent cost consultancy with over 20 years of experience. We advise clients throughout the UK on how to get the best value for money from suppliers.

We guarantee to find you the best possible prices for your electricity, gas and water services. If not, we will refund the difference (you must be offered a lower price, and on the same terms, at the time as we receive our best offer).



How We Work



Why We’re Different

Most of our competitors are brokers. They will charge you a large fee which is added to the cost of your electricity, gas or water services. Others will take 50% of any savings they achieve. Some charge both ways.

BCC are unique. We are totally independent and provide a much more comprehensive service. We do not take commissions from any suppliers.

Why Choose BCC?

We have 20 years of experience.

We provide unparalleled expert advice to our clients.


We are totally independent and we don’t take commission from any suppliers.

Most brokers do large commission deals with a few suppliers, meaning there is conflict of interest. Because we are independent, we seek prices from all potential suppliers—we choose the deal which is best for you, not for the suppliers.


Our fees are much lower than brokers or those working on a contingency basis.

The large commissions paid to brokers are added to the costs of your energy and water, reducing the amount you save. We monitor energy markets and advise when is best to purchase your energy contracts, adding nothing to the supplier prices—this could save you up to 50% of your original costs.


We provide additional services at no extra charge.

These additional services include:

  • an initial audit of your utility costs;
  • a detailed annual report on all your utility costs;
  • historical utility bill analysis and reclaim on any overcharges;
  • we can put experts on site to advise on how to reduce energy and water consumption.

For more information, see our FAQs.

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